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Appenzeller - A small rare breed with absolutely stunning plumage, white with black spots (silver spangled), or chestnut with black spots (gold spangled).  The Appenzeller also sports a unique upright crest instead of a comb.  These birds originate from Switzerland, so they are extremely hardy.  They are a real joy to have around and are absolutely full of character and extremely inquisitive. Appenzellers lay plenty of eggs which, for the size of bird, are surprisingly 

Personality – Appenzellers ooze character and respond well to human company, they are active birds and prefer free range

Hardy – Originating from the Swiss mountains they have no problem with this countries climate

Compatibility – Mix well with other birds but does prefer its own kind

Broody – Not really, very reluctant to go broody

Eggs – Lays around 200 white eggs per year, these are surprisingly large for a bird of this size

Weight – Cock around 4.5lb | Hen around 3.5lb



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