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Barnevelder - Here at Whetstone we are proud of our hand reared Double-Laced Chickens, not only are they pretty, everyone has its own distinctive character.  They make rewarding pets, are friendly, inquisitive and produce wonderful deep rich brown eggs in abundance. 

These birds originated in the Barneveld region of Holland from where the breed takes its name.  They have brown double laced feather pattern with a beetle-green sheen on the neck, a single red comb, red/brown eyes and yellow beak.

Personality – Kind, inquisitive and friendly, likely to follow you everywhere, they make excellent pets being good with children and animals. They have excellent maternal qualities.

Hardy - Very hardy withstanding extreme cold.

Compatibility – Good with people, other animals and other chickens

Broody – Yes and they make wonderful mothers

Eggs – Lovely deep brown large eggs – about 200 year

Weight – Rooster 7.5lb (3.4Kg). Hen 5.5lb (2.5Kg)



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