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Cream Legbar - Attractive bird with a pretty crest, developed in England  and a true autosexing breed, meaning you can tell the sex of the chicks by the colour of the feathers

Personality - Can be flighty, however when handled from a young age these birds become extremely tame and will follow you everywhere, everyone has its own distinct personality, they are inquisitive and will forage well

Hardy - Very hardy, they were developed specifically for our climate

Compatibility- Cream legbars will get along well with other members of the flock, quite often they are the leaders. The birds are known for being flighty however we have found just the opposite, our birds are all friendly and part of the family, it is always best to buy your birds at a young age so they become true pets

Broody- Not really interested in sitting, too many other things to do

Eggs- A true blue egg layer, will lay about 150-170 eggs in the first year, the shade of blue varies from bird to bird and it is a novelty, doesn’t taste any different to a brown egg but looks nice

Weight- Cockerel approx 6 -7lb (3-3.5Kg) Hen 4.5 – 5lb (2.5Kg)




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