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Plymouth Rock – The most popular of the American breeds, and for a good reason they are smart, plucky excellent egg layers, excellent table birds and excellent friendly pets, they will be as friendly and as you allow them to be, they can easily become one of the family

Personality – Very docile, bears confinement well, sweet nature, lovely temperament, nothing bad can be said about these birds, they are ideal for a starter breed.

Hardy – Extremely, can endure harsh winters in the cold American States, have no problems here

Compatibility – Compatible with other birds, people and other animals

Broody – Will go broody occasionally and when they do they make excellent mothers.

Eggs – Great layers, will lay 250 large pale brown (beige) eggs in the first year

Weight – Cockerel about 8lb (4KG) Hen 5.5-6lb (2.5Kg)



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